How to identify replica rolex compared to genuine rolex?

Many people have asked this question, and there are many discussions and forums related to this topic.

To answer this question, let's start with Rolex will not do list:
  • Clear caseback - Some replicas are trying to show off their replica Rolex mechanism that they created a clear backing. They engraved Rolex logo on the gears to make the watch more convincing.
  • Scratchable glass - many replica Rolex watches are using regular glass/plastic. Genuine Rolex use true sapphire crystal which virtually not scratch-able.
  • Light weight & hollow Band- Rolex bands are made out of high quality materials and they are solid links. For this reason all of Rolex are pretty heavy compared to a regular watches with hollow links.
  • Tick-tock
  • Rubber seal
  • Misaligned cyclops magnification bubble - Rolex watches with date magnifier is supposed to magnify the dates by 2.5 times. It is placed exactly on top of the dates. So if you see misaligned date & magnifier or it does not magnify by 2.5 times, most likely it's a replica.
  • Missing micro-etched crystal Rolex logo below 6 o'clock position- Starting 2002, Rolex began micro-etching Rolex logo onto the crystal just below the 6 o'clock position. The mark is so small, it is often difficult to see w/ naked eyes.
  • Missing hologram sticker on the backing The sticker features a hologram Rolex crown.

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